Monopoly spel Beatles Collector’s edition



With The Beatles Monopoly Game Collector’s Edition, you can reinvent the way you play America’s favourite money game! The perfect Beatles gift for any Beatles collector! This Collector’s Set gives you the opportunity to commemorate the legendary band that revolutionised rock music in the 60’s and beyond. Each game spot is labled with a Beatles album — from Something New to A Hard Day’s Night. As you travel around the Beatles Monopoly board, create your own private music anthology and rent out listening privileges. …But this Beatlemania Monopoly game doesn’t operate with money. It operates with hearts, ’cause you can’t buy love! Comes with 6 collectible pewter game tokens reminiscent of popular Beatles’ hits. Finally, you can express your love for The Beatles by playing America’s favourite board game! Come Together and have a great time with this Collector’s Edition Monopoly game.