Elvis Presley – In Person One Night In Toronto’ April 2 – 1957 (Engelstalig boek)



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‘Elvis Presley In Person ‘One Night In Toronto’ April 2 – 1957′

Elvis Presley was the most photographed entertainer in the world and there have been an inundation of photo books over the years. But how often is it that several hundred previously unpublished photos from Elvis’ golden fifties era are newly discovered?

It seems nigh impossible that hidden in a vault somewhere are a pile of high-quality professional photos of Elvis yet to be unearthed. The photos used in FTD’s ‘A Moment In Time- 4 Days in ’56’ is the last major discovery I can think of.

But this book by Paul Sweeney, Jean-Marc Carisse and Erik Lorentzen kicks major goals on several levels over its 352 pages….