Yes – In the Beginning Lim./coloured vinyl (lp)

Limited Edition

Coloured orange vinyl

Hand numbered


In stock



Kant 1
Nightride Sessions, early 1968, BBC Radio 1
1. Beyond and Before
2. Images of You and Me
3. Jeanetta
Pop-Eye, Brussels, 15th October 1969, Belgian TV
4. Beyond and Before
5. Survival

Kant 2
Chikito Club, Bern, 27th November, 1969 Swiss TV
1. Dear Father
2. Every Days
3. Sweetness
4. Something’s Coming

Terrific BBC radio and Belgian and Swiss television broadcast
recordings from three different appearances of prog giants Yes
(in 1968 and 1969) get released on 180-GRAM ORANGE VINYL, with
remastered audio and including background notes and archival


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