Buck Owens – You’re for me (lp)



Kant 1

  • 1:Above and beyond
  • 2:Second fiddle
  • 3:Tired of livin’
  • 4:I’ve got a right to know
  • 5:Excuse me (i think i’ve got a heartache)
  • 6:I’ll give my heart to you
  • 7:Under your spell again
  • 8:My everlasting love
  • 9:Take me back again
  • 10:Til these dreams come true
  • 11:Walk the floors
  • 12:I’ll take a chance on loving you

Kant 2

  • 1:You’re for me
  • 2:Fool me again
  • 3:Down on the corner of love
  • 4:Mexican polka
  • 5:Mirror, mirror on the wall
  • 6:Bad bad dream
  • 7:Under the influence of love
  • 8:Nobody’s fool but yours
  • 9:House down the block
  • 10:Country polka
  • 11:Down to the river
  • 12:Blues for life