Vera Lynn The forces’ sweetheart (3 cd’s)

Vera Lynn
The forces’ sweetheart
(3 cd’s)

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CD 1
01 Yours
02 (There’ll be bluebirds over) the white cliffs of Dover
03 It’s a lovely day tomorrow
04 I’ll be with you in apple blossom time
05 Two sleepy people
06 The lambeth waltz
07 How green was my valley
08 When they sound the last all clear
09 Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
10 Up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire
11 Mexicali rose
12 When you hear Big Ben (you’re home again)
13 When my dreamboat comes home
14 The happiest New Year of all
15 When I grow too old to dream
16 Faraway places
17 As time goes by
18 When your hair has turned to silver
19 Long ago (and far away)
20 Have I told you lately that I love you
21 Welcome home
22 My dreams are getting better all the time
23 There must be a reason
24 Travellin’ home
25 We’ll meet again

CD 2
01 Be like the kettle and sing
02 The anniversary waltz
03 It’s a sin to tell a lie
04 When the swallows say goodbye
05 Over the rainbow
06 Jealousy
07 Drifting and dreaming
08 Harbour lights
09 It can’t be wrong
10 So many memories
11 Little star (Estrellita)
12 For sweethearts everywhere
13 I’m in the mood for love
14 Rosalie
15 The Windsor waltz
16 I don’t want to set the world on fire
17 From the time you say goodbye
18 I couldn’t sleep a wink last night
19 Please think of me
20 Through a long and sleepless night
21 The love bug will bite you
22 It’s like old times
23 You can’t be true, dear
24 Alone
25 Goodnight, wherever you are

CD 3
01 A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square
02 When the lights go on again
03 When you wish upon a star
04 The homing waltz
05 That lovely weekend
06 There’ll come another day
07 Someone’s rocking my dreamboat
08 Again
09 Over the hill
10 The mem’ry of a rose
11 I’m beginning to see the light
12 Do you ever dream of tomorrow
13 We three (my echo, my shadow, and me)
14 I’ve heard that song before
15 You’ll never know
16 Wishing (will make it so)
17 Coming home
18 Goodnight children everywhere
19 If you love me (I won’t care)
20 A house with love in it
21 The faithful hussar (don’t cry my love)
22 My son, my son
23 Forget-me-not
24 Who are we
25 Auf wiederseh’n sweetheart