Radio Adventures of the MV Communicator (Engelstalig boek)


206 Pagina’s

Auteur Paul Alexander Rusling

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A factual story about the life of a radio broadcasting ship, the MV Communicator which was home to eleven radio stations during her 21 year career. This rivetting tale covers the drama and success of the stations, whose staff included many well-known radio names in the UK and in the Netherlands. During that time she attracted up to ten million listeners with her powerful AM (Medium Wave) transmissions. Her owners made over $15 million during the period, but had to endure a government blockade, threats, takeovers by fraudsters and swindlers, boarding parties and arrests of the ship by the Admiralty Marshall acting for unpaid creditors. After being towed away she caught the attention of convicted mercenaries and the Dutch secret service which resulted in her being raided by the Portuguese Government; just a few of the stages in her fun-filled, action packed voyages. This a thrilling story that will please the thousands of radio aficionados who still relish those buccaneering days. Many of her listeners were oblivious to the drama behind the scenes, hearing only the rock’n’roll music that the Communicator’s radio stations churned out around the clock, audible over half of Western Europe. Written by an experienced engineer and broadcaster who advised on equipping the ship, the book brings together the experiences and tales of many of the Communicator’s former crewmembers and disc jockey teams. All for those two most powerful elixirs – money and music.


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