Live Grunge – Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots (5 lp’s)

Printed inner sleeves

Full colour twelve page vinyl booklet with background notes & imagery

In hand numbered slimline box

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A1 Nirvana Love Buzz 3:34
A2 Nirvana Floyd The Barber 2:21
A3 Nirvana Downer 2:14
A4 Nirvana Mexican Seafood 2:01
A5 Nirvana White Lace And Stange 1:55
B1 Nirvana Spank Thru 3:23
B2 Nirvana Anorexorcist 2:41
B3 Nirvana Hairspray Queen 4:31
B4 Nirvana Pen Cap Chew 4:10
C1 Alice In Chains It Ain’t Like That (Radio Intro) 4:59
C2 Alice In Chains Man In The Box 4:37
C3 Alice In Chains Sea Of Sorrow 5:18
C4 Alice In Chains Real Thing 4:07
D1 Alice In Chains Bleed The Freak 3:52
D2 Alice In Chains Put You Down 3:42
D3 Alice In Chains Sunshine 4:26
D4 Alice In Chains We Die Young (Radio Outro) 2:38
E1 Soundgarden Into The Void (Sealth) 6:47
E2 Soundgarden Outshined 5:44
E3 Soundgarden Gun 5:14
E4 Soundgarden Room A Thousand Years Wide 4:34
E5 Soundgarden Big Dumb Sex 4:14
E6 Soundgarden Jesus Christ Pose (Fade) 2:14
F1 Soundgarden Jesus Christ Pose (Cont.) 3:00
F2 Soundgarden Searching With My Good Eye Closed 7:39
F3 Soundgarden Hands All Over 5:39
F4 Soundgarden Face Pollution 2:25
F5 Soundgarden Slaves & Bulldozers 8:11
G1 Pearl Jam Spin The Black Circle 3:11
G2 Pearl Jam Satan’s Bed 3:28
G3 Pearl Jam Corduroy 4:47
G4 Pearl Jam Not For You 5:34
G5 Pearl Jam Immortality 6:27
H1 Pearl Jam Last Exit 2:58
H2 Pearl Jam Blood 3:14
H3 Pearl Jam Tremor Christ 5:42
H4 Pearl Jam Porch 3:32
H5 Pearl Jam Indifference 5:03
I1 Stone Temple Pilots Pretty Penny 4:44
I2 Stone Temple Pilots Kitchenware & Candy Bars 3:51
I3 Stone Temple Pilots Plush 6:57
I4 Stone Temple Pilots Christmas Time Is Here 3:09
J1 Stone Temple Pilots Electric Set Soundcheck 7:26
J2 Stone Temple Pilots Meatplow 3:46
J3 Stone Temple Pilots Vasoline 3:15
J4 Stone Temple Pilots Crackerman 3:18
J5 Stone Temple Pilots Sex Type Thing 4:50


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