Elvis Presley – Raised On Rock FTD Lim. Edition (2 lp’s)

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FTD – Follow That Dream LP

LP 1 – Kant 1

1. Find Out What’s Happening (Rough mix)
2. For Ol’ Times Sake (Rough mix)
3. Raised On Rock (Rough mix)
4. I Miss You (Take 1)
5. If You Don’t Come Back (Rough mix)
6. Are You Sincere (Master)
7. The Wonders You Perform (Backing track)

LP 1 – Kant 2

1. Just A Little Bit (Rough mix)
2. Three Corn Patches (Rough mix)
3. Girl Of Mine (Takes 3,4,5 & 6)
4. Find Out What’s Happening (Takes 2,4 & 5)
5. Sweet Angeline (Backing track)

LP 2 – Kant 1

1. Are You Sincere (Take 1)
2. If You Don’t Come Back (Take 5)
3. For Ol’ Times Sake (Take 4)
4. Find Out What’s Happening (Take 8)
5. Color My Rainbow (Backing track)

LP 2 – Kant 2

1. Sweet Angeline (Master)
2. ust A Little Bit (Master)
3. I Miss You (Take 5)
4. Raised On Rock (Master)
5. Girl Of Mine (Take 9)
6. It’s Diff’rent Now (Rehearsal)
7. Good, Bad But Beautiful (Backing track)

Het album bevat masters, ruwe mixen en alternatieve versies van geweldige nummers opgenomen in Stax Studio in 1973, zoals “Find Out What’s Happening”, “Just A Little Bit”, “For Ol’ Times Sake” en “If You Don’t Come Rug”. Ook inbegrepen zijn de instrumentale nummers voor ‘The Wonders You Perform’, ‘Sweet Angeline’, ‘Color My Rainbow’, ‘Good, Bad But Beautiful’ en de repetitieversie van ‘It’s Diff’rent Now’.


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