Elvis Presley – My Years with Elvis and the Colonel (Engelstalig boek)


Auteur Charles Stone

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This is definitively the very first book about “Elvis & The Colonel” that is written by a guy who was there. The storyline is based on Charles’ memories, unlike previous Colonel books that were based on false assumptions and fabricated stories told by a third party. We all know that with the passing of Colonel Parker in 1997, not only the person of Colonel Parker was gone forever, but also gone were all of his memories. During his lifetime, neither ‘the Colonel’ nor his righthand man, Tom Diskin wrote a book about the times with Elvis. Even though Elvis has been dead for more than thirty-one years now, Elvis fans still hunger for more and detailed background information – especially about the concert years. Charles Stone, who was born November 8, 1943, and grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas, didn’t know, when he started to work for Concerts West, that one day he would work with Colonel Parker and the Elvis entourage. As tour producer for the Elvis Presley Tours in the 1970’s, Charles Stone also worked closely with Colonel Tom Parker. His inside view of the business details of the Colonel and how to manage and handle the Elvis deals was something special. Still ‘Taking Care Of Business’ in the Elvis world, tour producer, Charles Stone, shares his memories with Elvis fans worldwide. Along with Charles’ memories, the book will present a number of private shots of Elvis on stage, a look “ behind the wall” at the Colonel’s private home in Palm Springs, rare shots of the sound systems, speakers and mixing boards taken and contributed by sound engineer, Bruce Jackson, and, of course, paperwork. For the very first time, Charles Stone opens his original tour books, showing you reprinted documents and paperwork that gives you an inside view as you have never before had into the details of how the tours were produced and how things were arranged.


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