Elvis Presley – ELVIS: Prodigy of SUN Records (2 boeken Engelstalig+10″ vinyl en meer)

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2 Boeken ieder 400 pagina’s

Diverse foto’s

Auteurs: Erik Lorentzen en Robert van Beek

+ 10″ Album

(weegt ± 6 kilo!)

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Many hours of research through digital libraries emerged new facts and interesting anecdotes from Elvis’ early life and career dated ’35 till ’55. From Old Saltillo Rd., to the magic of SUN recording studios, the first Louisiana Hayride appearances and everything in between. This book is filled with a string of never-before-seen photos dated from 1935 till 1955. BUT WAIT, that’s not all ─ a 10 inch vinyl bonus LP with ten songs also comes with this release!! The early Elvis SUN recordings in the best possible sound. The world’s first atomic powered singer mixed blues, pop and hillbilly/country to create an electrifying new music that was called Rock ‘n Roll and changed the influence of music in the world forever. Also 9 glossy early SUN promotional photos – suitable for framing – you’ll find with your order presented in a printed paper sleeve.


A collection of stories: many of Elvis’ early childhood friends sharing their memories in these two books. Elvis’ time in primary and secondary school is extensively discussed as well as his first loves (not only girls) and his roots for Gospel music. Tupeloans share their stories about their childhood friend who became the future King. A collection of jaw-dropping photos and, of course, the near to  complete story from Elvis’ birth until his big break in 1955.


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