Deep Purple – Greatest Hits (3 cd’s)

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CD 1

  • 1:Highway star (live at schleyer-halle)
  • 2:The cut runs deep
  • 3:Vavoom ted the mechanic
  • 4:Ramshackle man
  • 5:A castle full of rascals
  • 6:Perfect strangers (live at schleyer-halle)
  • 7:Truth hurts
  • 8:Solitaire
  • 9:Loosen my strings
  • 10:Anyone’s daughter (live at the nec)
  • 11:A touch away
  • 12:Black night (live at schleyer-halle)
  • 13:Nasty piece of work

CD 2

  • 1:Slow down sister
  • 2:Child in time (live at schleyer-halle)
  • 3:Anya (live at schleyer-halle)
  • 4:Love conquers all
  • 5:Sometimes i feel like screaming
  • 6:Wicked ways
  • 7:The purpendicular waltz
  • 8:Speed king (live at schleyer-halle)
  • 9:The battle rages on

CD 3

  • 1:King of dreams
  • 2:Soon forgotten
  • 3:Knockin’ at your back door (live at the nec)
  • 4:Fire in the basement
  • 5:Time to kill
  • 6:Cascades i’m not your lover
  • 7:Fortuneteller
  • 8:Lazy (live at schleyer-halle)
  • 9:Somebody stole my guitar
  • 10:Hush (live at the nec)
  • 11:Smoke on the water (live at the nec)


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