Bottle Rockets – The Brooklyn Side Coloured vinyl RSD 2024 (2 lp’s)

Record Store Day 2024

Coloured orange vinyl

Op voorraad



A1. Welfare Music
A2. Gravity Fails
A3. I’ll Be Comin’ Around
A4. Radar Gun
A5. Sunday Sports
B1. Pot of Gold
B2. 1000 Dollar Car
B3. Idiot’s Revenge
B4. Young Lovers in Town
C1. Take Me to the Bank
C2. What More Can I Do?
C3. Stuck in a Rut
C4. I Wanna Come Home
C5. Queen of the World
D1. Truck Driving Man (Album Outtake)
D2. Get Down River (Thirsty Ears Radio Performance)
D3. This Is What It Sounds Like When You’re Listening to Lindsey Buckingham and Thinking of Your Friend’s Girlfriend at the Same Time (Album Demo)
D4. Building Chryslers (Album Demo)
D5. Smokin’ 100’s Alone (Album Demo) D6. Indianapolis (Bonus Track)


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