Alanis Morissette – Havoc and Bright Light (cd)

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1 Guardian

2 Woman down

3 ‘Til you

4 Celebrity

5 Empathy

6 Lens

7 Spiral

8 Numb

9 Havoc

10 Win and win

11 Receive

12 Edge of evolution

On her new album Havoc and Bright Lights, Alanis Morissette distills her entire body of work into its closing track “Edge of Evolution.” “…we’re ready to push envelopes into full-blown consciousness,” she declares in the final verse. “The evolution of our consciousness can be such a lofty, overly heady, and, frankly, confusing conversation for people,” Morissette says. “So the song is an invitation to clarify and support what growth, healing, connection and self-expression really means for each person. ultimately, supporting people’s next courageous step is all I really care about. I think that’s what my contribution is — to engage musically, lyrically and publicly in the conversation about my and our humanity….this movement toward wholeness, rather than perfection or goodness, and deepening intimacy, connection and authenticity is such a big part of what I’m here to contribute.”


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