Wyman shoots Chagall (boek)

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Wyman Shoots Chagall Signed Limited Deluxe Edition #1055/1500 (Genesis Publications, 1998).

A very unique book, born of an unlikely friendship between two artists who had achieved greatness in their own respective fields. This charming limited edition volume presents the portrait photography and extensive reminiscences of former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman. 

When The Rolling Stones relocated to the South of France in 1971, it was initially a temporary measure, but Bill ended up staying for more than a decade. He bought a plot of land in Venice, built a house, and made new friends including the great artist and local celebrity Marc Chagall, celebrated for his dream-like paintings, ceramics, and stained-glass windows. 

Chagall was in his late eighties, but he and Bill quickly established a warm friendship, meeting regularly for afternoon tea. The book is signed by Bill Wyman. Master-printed in full-color on uncoated acid-free paper, and housed in a blue cloth slipcase. 

A CD of solo recordings, made by Bill in the early ’80s, at the time he knew Chagall, is also included.