Toto – Greatest Hits Live… and More (dvd)

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1. Intro (“Child’s Anthem”) (Paich)

2. “Africa” (Paich/J.Porcaro)

3. “Georgy Porgy” (Paich)

4. “I’ll Be Over You” (Lukather/Goodrum)

5. David Paich Solo Spot” (Paich)

6. “I Won’t Hold You Back” (Lukather)

7. “Little Wing” (Hendrix)

8. “Without Your Love” (Paich)

9. “English Eyes” (Paich/Kimball/J.Porcaro/S.Porcaro)

10. “Rosanna” (Paich)

11. “Afraid of Love” (Lukather/Paich/J.Porcaro)

12. “Hold the Line” (Paich)


Toto behind the scenes

…and more 1995

Toto interview