The best of Country Blues Women Vol. 1 (cd)

The best of

Country Blues Women

Vol. 1


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1 Lottie (Beaman) Kimbrough*Regular Man Blues

2 Lottie (Beaman) Kimbrough*Red River Blues

3 Lottie (Beaman) Kimbrough*Sugar Daddy Blues

4 Lottie (Beaman) Kimbrough*Low Down Painful Blues

5 Lottie (Beaman) Kimbrough*City Of The Dead

6 Luella MillerDrago Hill Blues

7 Luella MillerPretty Man Blues

8 Luella MillerDown The Alley

9 Luella MillerSmiling Rose Blues

10 Luella MillerEast St. Louis Blues

11 Victoria SpiveyBlack Snake Blues

12 Victoria SpiveySanta Fe Blues

13 Victoria SpiveyArkansas Road Blues

14 Victoria SpiveyT-B Blues

15 Victoria SpiveyDopehead Blues

16 Lucille BoganJim Tampa Blues

17 Lucille BoganCravin’ Whiskey Blues

18 Lucille BoganNew Way Blues

19 Lucille BoganCoffee Grindin’ Blues

20 Lucille BoganWhiskey Selling Woman

21 Sippie WallaceUp The Country Blues

22 Sippie WallaceShorty George Blues

23 Sippie WallaceCaldonia Blues

24 Sippie WallaceStranger’s Blues

25 Sippie WallaceDevil Dance Blues