Shocking Blue – Scorpio’s Dance Coloured vinyl (lp)

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80gr./Gatefold/4 Bonus Tracks/1500 Cps On Pink Vinyl

1-LP Holland
Coloured Vinyl, High Quality, Gatefold Sleeve, Bonus Track(S)

Although considered a singles-band, Shocking Blue released a couple of high quality albums. One of the best is Scorpio’s Dance, and not just in a musical way: its cover has been chosen as one of the most legendary LP covers in Dutch pop history. The album continues the band’s exploration into country music and Americana with tracks like “Alaska Country” and “Sally Was a Good Old Girl”. However, the band still stays true to its rock roots as well.

Scorpio’s Dance is rereleased as a limited edition on pink coloured vinyl. This edition contains four bonus tracks that were not available on the original LP.

  • 1: Scorpio’s dance(first movement)
  • 2: Alaska country
  • 3: Sally was a good old girl
  • 4: Deamon lover
  • 5: Scorpio’s dance
  • 6: Little cooling planet
  • 7: I love voodoo music
  • 8: Seven is a number in magic
  • 9: Keep it if you want it
  • 10: Waterboy
  • 11: Send me a postcard – bonustrack
  • 12: Mighty Joe – bonustrack
  • 13: Hello darkness – bonustrack
  • 14: Pickin’ tomatoes – bonustrack