Searchers – The Farewell Album (cd)

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1. Sweets for my sweet (stereo version)
2. Sugar and spice (stereo version)
3. Needles and pins
4. Don’t throw your love away
5. When you walk in the room
6. Goodbye my love (mono version)
7. Someday we’re gonna love again
8. Take me for what i’m worth
9. What have they done to the rain
10. When i get home
11. Take it or leave it
12. Have you ever loved somebody
13. Sweet nothin’s
14. Saturday night out (mono version)
15. Twist and shout (stereo version)
16. Hi-heel sneakers (stereo version)
17. Where have all the flowers gone (mono version)
18. Ain’t gonna kiss ya (stereo version)
19. I (who have nothing)
20. Magic potion (stereo version)
21. Everybody come clap your hands (stereo version)
22. Bumble bee (stereo version)
23. Saints and searchers (stereo version)
24. In this life
25. Da doo ron ron (mono version)