Sandy Denny I’ve always kept a unicorn (2 cd’s)

Sandy Denny

I’ve always kept a unicorn

(2 cd’s)

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CD 1

The Strawbs & Sandy Denny

01 Who knows where the time goes (acoustic)

Sandy Denny

02 You never wanted me

03 Milk and honey

Fairport Convention

04 Autopsy (demo)

05 Now and then (demo)

06 She moves through the fair (acoustic)

07 Fotheringay (acoustic)


08 The pond and the stream (demo)

09 Winter winds (demo)

10 Wild mountain thyme

11 The Lowlands of Holland

Sandy Denny

12 Wretched wilbur (demo)

13 The optimist (demo)

14 Late November

15 The North star Grassman and the Ravens

16 Next time around

17 John the gun

The Bunch

18 Love’s made a fool of you (demo)

19 When will I be loved (demo)

20 Learning the game (demo)

CD 2

Sandy Denny

01 Quiet joys of brotherhood (demo)

02 After Halloween (demo)

03 The lady (demo)

04 Bushes & Briars

05 The music weaver (demo)

06 No end (demo – piano version)

07 Solo (acoustic)

08 Like an old fashioned waltz (acoustic)

Fairport Convention

09 The King and Queen of England (demo)

10 Rising for the moon (demo)

11 One more chance (demo)

12 Sandy’s song (take away the load) (demo)

13 What is true? (demo)

Sandy Denny

14 Blackwaterside (live on Marc Time)

15 No more sad refrains (live on Marc Time)

16 Full moon (demo)

17 I’m a dreamer (demo #2)

18 By the time it gets dark (studio demo)

19 One way donkey ride (acoustic)

20 Moments (acoustic)