Percy Sledge – Platinum Collection (cd)

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Alle tracks zijn LP versies!

  • 1:When a man loves a woman
  • 2:Warm and tender love
  • 3:It tears me up
  • 4:Try a little tenderness
  • 5:The dark end of the street
  • 6:Take time to know her
  • 7:True love travels on a gravel road
  • 8:Stop the world tonight
  • 9:It’s all wrong but it’s alright
  • 10:Out of left field 
  • 11:Cover me
  • 12:Put a little lovin’ on me
  • 13:Love me like you mean it
  • 14:I’m hanging up my heart for you
  • 15:Bless your sweet little soul
  • 16:Sudden stop
  • 17:Drown in my own tears
  • 18:Kind woman
  • 19:Push mr. pride aside
  • 20:It can’t be stopped
  • 21:Love me tender
  • 22:Rainbow road