Outsiders – The golden years of Dutch pop music (2 cd’s)



CD 1

01 You mistreat me

02 Sun’s going down

03 Felt like I wanted to cry

04 I love her still, I always will

05 Lying all the time

06 Thinking about today

07 Keep on trying

08 That’s your problem

09 Touch

10 Ballad of John B

11 Monkey on your back

12 What’s wrong with you

13 Summer is here

14 Teach me to forget you

15 I’ve been loving you so long

16 I’m only trying to prove myself

17 Don’t you worry about me

18 Bird in a cage

19 A cup of hot coffee

20 Strange things are happening

21 I don’t care

22 You remind me

23 Do you feel alright

24 Daddy died on saturday