Marty Robbins – A castle in the sky (2 cd’s)

Marty Robbins
A castle in the sky
(2 cd’s)

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01 A castle in the sky
02 After you leave
03 Don’t make me ashamed
04 Sing me something sentimental
05 Why keep wishing
06 Love me or leave me alone
07 I’ll go on alone
08 Blessed Jesus should I fall
09 Kneel and let the lord take your load
10 I wish somebody loves me
11 I couldn’t keep from crying
12 Tomorrow you’ll be gone
13 You’re breaking my heart
14 Crying ’cause I love you
15 Pretty words
16 A halfway chance with you
17 At the end of a long lonely day

01 It’s a pity what money can do
02 Gossip
03 I’m too big to cry
04 Daddy loves you
05 Have thine own way lord
06 God understands
07 This broken heart of mine
08 It’s a long long ride
09 Time goes by
10 That’s alright
11 Pray for me mother of mine
12 My isle of golden dreams
13 Don’t let me hang around
14 It lookes like I’m just in your way
15 I’ll love you till the day I die
16 Aloha oe (Farewell)