Marilyn Monroe – Incurably Romantic Coloured vinyl RSD 2021 (lp-cd)

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Record Store Day 2021

A1. Billboard Twentieth Century Fox

A2. I Wanna Be Loved by You

A3. Some Like It Hot

A4. I’m Through with Love

A5. Specialization (With Frankie Vaughan)

A6. My Heart Belongs to Daddy

A7. Let’s Make Love (With Frankie Vaughan)

A8. Incurably Romantic(With Yves Montant)

B1. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

B2. Bye Bye Baby

B3. Two Little Girls from Little Rock (With Jane Russell)

B4. Heat Wave

B5. Lazy (With Mitzi Gaynor & Donald O’Connor)

B6. I’m Gonna File My Claim

B7. Kiss

B8. Happy Birthday Mister President