Lucifer & M. Eshuijs – The golden years of Dutch music (2 cd’s)



CD 1

1.Lucifer – Morning Sun

2.Lucifer – Friends

3.Lucifer – Open Book

4.Lucifer – Dreams

5.Lucifer – House For Sale

6.Lucifer – My Dream World

7.Lucifer – Scarlet Lady

8.Lucifer – Love (single version)

9.Lucifer – I Can See The Sun In Late December (single version)

10.Lucifer – Mister Professional

11.Lucifer – Someone Is Waiting For You (single version)

12.Lucifer – Contest

13.Lucifer – Love Is Blind

14.Lucifer – The Best Kept Secret

15.Lucifer – Selfpity

16.Lucifer – Playing And Playing

17.Margriet Eshuijs – Doelloos

18.Margriet Eshuijs – Liliane

19.Margriet Eshuijs – You’re My Sun

20.Margriet Eshuijs – Edie

21.Margriet Eshuijs – On The Move Again

22.Margriet Eshuijs – Window Of Love

CD 2

1.Margriet Eshuijs – I Could Never Leave You

2.Margriet Eshuijs – Street Walkin’ Woman

3.Margriet Eshuijs – S.O.S.

4.Margriet Eshuijs – Beautiful Loser

5.Margriet Eshuijs Band – Girl On The Radio

6.Margriet Eshuijs Band – Single Day (single version)

7.Margriet Eshuijs Band – This Time

8.Margriet Eshuijs Band – City Life

9.Margriet Eshuijs Band – Black Pearl

10.Margriet Eshuijs Band – Colourful Rainbows

11.Margriet Eshuijs Band – Phonies On The Telephone

12.Margriet Eshuijs Band – Joe & Jerry

13.Margriet Eshuijs Band – (Love’s) A Crazy Game

14.Margriet Eshuijs Band – (Go On Back To) Barbados

15.Margriet Eshuijs Band – Rose’s Cantina

16.Margriet Eshuijs Band – I Just Want To Hang Around You

17.Margriet Eshuijs Band – On/Off Affair

18.Margriet Eshuijs – Take It Out On The Street

19.Margriet Eshuijs – Quiet Evening

20.Margriet Eshuijs – All Over Again