Lee Hazelwood Story – 1955-1962 (cd)



01. Hazlewood, Lee “Five more miles to Folsom”

02. Hazlewood, Lee “It’s an actuality”

03. Jimmy & Duane / Buddy Long / Western Melody Boys, The “I want some lovin’ baby”

04. Clark, Sanford / Casey, Al “The fool”

05. Hazlewood, Lee “I guess it’s love”

06. Hazlewood, Lee “Fort Worth”

07. Hazlewood, Lee / Casey, Al “Buying on time”

08. Johnson, Jimmy / Casey, Al / Arizona Hayriders, The “How about me”

09. Clingman, Loy “I’m low, low, low”

10. Casey, Al “Guitar man”

11. Casey, Al / Cole, Don “Snake eyed mama”

12. Eddy, Duane “Moovin’ n’ groovin'”

13. Robinson, Mark / Eddy, Duane “Pretty Jane”

14. Robinson, Mark / Eddy, Duane “Want me”

15. Barker Brothers, The “Hey little mama”

16. Casey, Al / Corkey / Bats, The “Give’n up”

17. Eddy, Duane “Rebel-‘Rouser”

18. Sharps, The “Have love, will travel”

19. Rogers, Johnny “Frantic” “Sassy”

20. Long, Buddy “It’s nothing to me”

21. Sharpe, Ray “Linda Lu”

22. Connors, Ray “(Your love) Tears me up”

23. Eddy, Duane & His Orchestra / Hazlewood, Lee “(Why must I die) The girl on death row”

24. Eddy, Duane & His Orchestra / Hazlewood, Lee “Words mean nothing”

25. Dane, Barbara “I’m on my way”

26. Castle, Tony / Raiders, The “Salty”

27. Owens, Donnie “Stormy (Came to town)”

28. Hazlewood, Lee “Della”

29. Hazlewood, Lee “Don’t cry (No more)”

30. Robinson, Mark “I’ve made enough mistakes”

31. Robinson, Mark “Can’t let her see me cry”

32. King, Ramona “Soul-mate”

33. Hondas, The “Send it”

34. Shacklefords, The “Stranger in your town”

35. Shacklefords, The “Big river”