Johnny Cash Ultimate gospel (cd)

Johnny Cash

Ultimate gospel


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01 Here was a man

02 The preacher said “Jesus said”

03 I was there when it happened

04 Belshazzar

05 That’s enough

06 It was Jesus

07 The old account

08 Swing low, sweet chariot

09 The great speckle bird

10 He’ll understand and say well done

11 How great thou art (previously unreleased)

12 It is no secret (what God can do) (previously unreleased)

13 He turned the water into wine

14 Were you there (when they crucified my Lord)

15 Troublesome waters

16 (There’ll be) peace in the valley (for me)

17 When the roll is called up yonder

18 In the sweet by and by

19 My ship will sail (previously unreleased)

20 Far side banks of Jordan

21 Oh come, angel band

22 Amazing grace

23 Daddy sang bass

24 Children go where I send thee