John Lennon – Gimme Some Truth (cd)

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De definitieve Best Of John Lennon – 19 tracks op 1 CD opnieuw geremixed vanaf de master tapes.

  • 1:Instant karma! (we all shine on) (ultimate mix)
  • 2:Cold turkey (ultimate mix)
  • 3:Isolation (ultimate mix)
  • 4:Power to the people (ultimate mix)
  • 5:Imagine (ultimate mix)
  • 6:Jealous guy (ultimate mix)
  • 7:Gimme some truth (ultimate mix)
  • 8:Come together (live) (ultimate mix)
  • 9:#9 dream (ultimate mix)
  • 10:Mind games (ultimate mix)
  • 11:Whatever gets you thru the night (ultimate mix)
  • 12:Stand by me (ultimate mix)
  • 13:(just like) starting over (ultimate mix)
  • 14:Beautiful boy (darling boy) (ultimate mix)
  • 15:Watching the wheels (ultimate mix)
  • 16:Woman (ultimate mix)
  • 17:Grow old with me (ultimate mix)
  • 18:Happy xmas (war is over) (ultimate mix)
  • 19:Give peace a chance (ultimate mix)