Heatwave – Honeymelon teapot (cd)

Honeymelon teapot

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01 Girl I’ve got everything
02 Maid what do you do about it
03 Man I need a woman
04 Woman can you shake
05 Said before it couldn’t happen to me
06 Be mine again
07 California I’ll be there
08 I’ve got it made
09 A man ain’t so strong
10 I know that she’s mine
11 Out in the jet stream (tell me where the action is)
12 I can prove you wrong
13 You and your man
14 Hey mama I love you too
15 Baby I want you near me
16 She ran
17 The lonely people (you will find)
18 Love on wheels
19 Sunshine baby
20 Lonely nation low life
21 Looking on the days
22 Where is our love
23 Us and the man