Elvis Presley – Greater than ever! – A Touch Of Gold Lamé (Engelstalig boek)


Pagina’s 416



Heel veel foto’s!

FANTASTIC!!!! Fan Club review in short… By Piers Beagley – EIN I have never seen so many glorious photographs of Elvis on tour in 1957 and find it hard to believe there are so many photographs I have previously not seen, as well as such a large number in stunning quality and presented as glorious full-page images. Regarding the accompanying text, in this new volume I counted around 96 articles taken from fifties’ newspaper reviews or stories. It also includes nine interviews with Elvis plus around nine contemporary articles about 1957 written by the likes of James V Roy – Scotty Moore Web master and concert specialist. 
Fans who previously bought Lorentzen’s Elvis Files 1957-1959 need not worry that they are buying the same product all over again because this is a very different.  While the ‘Elvis Files 57-59’ book dedicated around 120 pages to Elvis’ tours of 1957 here we get 420 pages of glorious photographs and articles of Elvis on tour. Overall Verdict: ‘A Touch Of Gold Lame’ truly surpasses my high expectations. I have owned this book for a week and I certainly haven’t read it all from cover to cover, it is that packed with new articles. But overall it is the mouth-watering full-page photos of Elvis in concert that impress the most. This really is a “Touch-Of-Gold” only twenty-eight concerts over 400 plus pages and not a jumpsuit in sight!