Elvis Presley – The Beauty Queen & Me Vol.I Collector’s Edition (dvd)

Collector’s Edition



Jeanne Lemay and Linda thompson met in 1972 while competing in the Miss USA ageant and quickly became friends. It was through Linda that Jeanne was able to get an insider’s look at Elvis Presley’s personal life. Jeanne accompanied Elvis and Linda on the tour circuit and later went to work for Elvis as one of his secretaries. It was during a particularly snowy Christmas in 1973 that Jeanne was invited to spend an extremelymemorable festive season at Graceland with Elvis & Linda. Occasonally when Elvis was touring Jeanne & Linda would have sleepovers at Graceland. It was during one of these visits that Jeanne was able to take the much sought-after photographs of the upstairs of Graceland. Elvis was font of Jeanne, buying her gifts that included a Pontiac sports car and a stunning 3,5 corss shaped diamond ring, to show his appreciation of her loyalty & friendship. The story of their 5 year friendship has finally been put onto DVD. Shot in 2008 on location in England. Jeanne talks openly about her time with Elvis Presley. Includes ULTRA RARE footage of Elvis on stage in Las Vegas in 1970 and 1972. Never before seen in such high quality!