Elvis Presley – Like any other soldier (Engelstalig boek)



In 1988, we first published “Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier.” There, for the first time ever, Elvis fans enjoyed the text and many exclusive photos in an exact reprint of Elvis’ original basic training class yearbook: “2nd Armored Division, Fort Hood, Texas 2nd Medium Tank Battalion.” A soldier’s souvenir of time spent at Fort Hood, this very rare publication is quite similar to a high school yearbook.

The total print run 20 years ago sold out quickly, but to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ army years (1957-’60) we published a completely new book in 2010 using the same title. It is definitely NOT A REPRINT of that book, though every Elvis photo or reference to him in the original Fort Hood yearbook is included in our 50th Anniversary edition … and SO MUCH MORE!

The total print run of the commemorative 50th anniversary edition is just 2,000 books. This edition will not be reprinted!

“Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier” is a fascinating, accurate text and pictorial history. It is the definitive chronicle of Elvis’ army experience.